We design, construct and create solutions for treatment, reuse and water supply adjusted to the needs of each client.

Who are we

H2TEC is a portuguese company, dynamic and innovative that intends to be a national reference in engineering solutions for the supply, treatment and reuse of water, contributing actively to the environmental sustainability of the Planet.

Our goal is to create value for the company and its employees through partnerships to solve the challenges of our customers and the environment sector. We commit ourselves to forming, developing and valuing people committed to continuous improvement of the organization.

Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of systems for the treatment, reuse and distribution of water

Electromechanical assembly
Industrial Maintenance

Manufacture and maintenance of equipment Manufacture and installation of pipelines

H2TEC – Soluções Ambientais, S.A. is a dynamic and innovative company that develops its activity:

Water sectors

Treatment and reuse

Key factor in the future of environmental and business sustainability, H2TEC seeks partners who share the same vision to jointly develop and implement solutions that enable customers to reduce production costs and environmental impact.

Industrial Maintenance

Electromechanical assembly

H2TEC intends to continue to grow, in a sector that is on the threshold of the next industrial revolution, participating in new projects and changes resulting from this new paradigm.

Our Values


Focusing on rigor is the first step towards excellence


Transparency is the base for a trust relationship


Knowledge generates effective responses, but it is innovation that creates competitiveness.